Domestic and International Airports.

Product design specialising in communal comfort for individuals in airport terminals. 


The designated project client is the traveller. As unique individuals, the cultural and social relationship differences between one another remain inevitable. The diversity of the traveller differs from ethnicity, traditional principles, education to the present perception and mood.

Regardless, the common element connecting these dissimilarities to individuals is the desire to reach inner and mental harmony.


Design management encompasses various elements to achieve a successful design. By developing a focus on a precise audience, this presents opportunity for effectively designed products and environments.

Through thorough research on cultural lifestyle manners, the innovative product design responds to a social necessity. With a balance between ergonomics and meaningful design, the purpose is to create a solution adaptable to most travelling individuals.


The concept development originates from the representational intent of culture within design. Influenced by Japanese philosophy of mindfulness and self-reflection, the definition of Zen is created through visual engagement and cohesiveness of the lounge structure and detailing.


Refining Japanese zenitude to the symbolic calligraphy of Ensō profounds the sense of minimalism in the product design. Ensō illustrated by an open-end circular brushstroke defines movement. This notion of movement is perceived in the contemporary design and remains a significant sensation while travelling.

The curved structural form of the lounge embodies the Buddhist principles of strength, elegance and universal acceptance. This open and inviting space creates a meditative and resting moment. 


Reflecting on the cultural sense of harmony, the materiality remains muted through the selection of softer toned timber framing and linen lounging customised cushion. The creation offers a laid-back luxury feel while embracing the Japanese aesthetics and philosophy.