135 Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2000.

Pre-existing retail space with spatial and conceptual design reconfiguration. 


Hermès, the elegant and timeless label honouring craftsmanship.


While the design vision of corporate businesses presents an evolution from traditional and uniform spatial design to human-centric spaces, the necessity for a domestic work environment increases. The ideal studio visualised by the client offers elimination of distractions to effectively complete responsibilities while reflecting his artistic passions.

Aesthetically preferring muted tones within simple and refined design elements, convenience and spatial functionality remain essential. The client requested a relaxing and luminous space communicating his European origins and his sensitivity to craftmanship.


The nominated project site focuses on exploring the co-existing relationship between the space, the shifting light ambience and the quality-living connecting to the exterior nature. The design began with materiality. Influenced by elegant Italian design, the timeless contemporary space explores a layering of textures. The tonal shift between the natural timbers from the flooring finish to joinery design creates a desired masculine sense to the space. 


Spatially, the petite studio offers a cohesive flow from the entrance to the customised bureau. This path reveals the transparent integral shelving edged with the deep rich timber seamlessly continuing onto the wooden panelled wall. The adjacent bespoke designed wardrobe piece combines luxury seaside and modernity with the application of a delicate paper woven fabric to the closet sliding doors.

The interior of the crafted joinery unit echoes the wall panelling through to the drawers lined with full grain hazelnut leather. The glass shelving design is carried through to the inside of the wardrobe offering harmony throughout the entirety of the space. 


Opposite this grand storage feature stands the translucent floating desk connected to an immaculate, sharply carved marble slice. This superposed glass sheet presents a visually breathable space expressed through the transparency of the material. While seated at the desk, the exterior views on the luscious exterior is carried through the studio. With charcoal linen textured blinds, this natural lighting is controlled and recessed ambient lighting is accessible when desired for a calming atmosphere. 

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Exterior Side Elevation
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Custom Joinery
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Fluid Form Custom Bureau
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Linear and Fluid Form Structures
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